Hot from Martinique


The French West Indies’ Island of Martinique—a dream destination for nature lovers, foodies or those passionate about history—never ceases to astound.

Nestled at the heart of the Caribbean archipelago, this 50-mile long and 25-mile wide French island which is unapologetically creole, is explored with the greatest of ease. The island’s 450 square miles offer idyllic beaches, dense tropical forests, pristine rivers and the iconic and majestic Mount Pelee volcano—a candidate, along with the nearby Pitons du Carbet, for UNESCO’S prestigious World Heritage list.

This is a land that has nurtured world-renown intellects and writers like Aime Cesaire or Frantz Fanon, invites visitors to experience not only its natural beauty but its daring contemporary art scene, its flamboyant culture and lasting authenticity.


This winter, like always, Martinique will welcome North American visitors with open arms. Canadians will once again enjoy frequent service to discover or rediscover the Isle of Flowers.

American Airlines offers year-round service from Miami. American offers up to 7 non-stop flights weekly, from Miami International Airport which is a convenient hub to connect to from Boston, New York and even Los Angeles

Air Canada, which offers year-round flights to Martinique, is scheduling for the winter and summer season three weekly flights on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays from Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport to Fort-de-France’s Aime Cesaire International Airport. This non-stop service from Montreal offers many possibilities for connections to and from Boston, Toronto, Quebec City, Calgary or Vancouver.

Air Transat also offers two flights weekly, also from Montreal, on Wednesdays & Saturdays.

Ticker: Wednesday flight operated on a A313 (250 seats) from December 18 to January 1 2020. Starting January 8 on the new 199-seat A321


There is no better way to have a carefree sojourn than to top it off with a concierge service. Sweet Caribbean Holidays will offer its guests an untroubled, authentic and unforgettable stay.